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Digital Access Hardware

Digital Cylinders | Uhlmann & Zacher

Uhlmann & Zacher | Cylinders
A modern electronic locking system offers almost unlimited options in the management of locking systems. Our Locking cylinders are easy to implement and operate and thus optimally support access management to the building.
The modular design of the cylinders provides maximum flexibility. If, for example, a new door is installed due to renovation, then only the centrepiece needs to be replaced as the cylinder length is different. If both sides are electronically controlled in the future instead of one side, then the mechanical knob is simply replaced by an electronic knob.
CX2120 Electronic Knob Cylinder
CX2122 Electronic Knob Cylinder
CX2124 Electronic Double Knob Cylinder
CX2126 Electronic Half Cylinder

Digital Cylinders | Iseo

Iseo Cylinder
Libra Smart is an electronic European profile cylinder of ISEO Zero1 product range. It can be easily rekeyed with a Bluetooth Smart Ready phone: cards, tags or phones can be intuitively added or deleted.
Libra Smart

Digital Door Handle and Digital Door Fitting | Uhlmann & Zacher

Uhlmann & Zacher | Door Handle and Door Fitting
The electronic door handle / door fitting can be mounted on almost all the commercially available doors and controls the access electronically. The complete electronics, mechanical parts, LED indicators and the power supply have been completely fitted in the small space within the door handle.
With different sizes, handle shapes and other flexible configuration options, there are virtually no limits for creative freedom. Take advantage of the diversity of this product range.
CX2174 Electronic Door Fitting
CX2172 Electronic Door Handle

QR Code reader | Datalogic

2D Bar code reader - Gryphon I GFS4400 2D
The Gryphon™ GFS4400 2D fixed mount bar code reader provides a complete self-contained solution for OEM use into self-service kiosks, price verifiers, ticket readers, document handling, and medical laboratory applications, as well as vending machines and other automated equipment.
2D Bar code reader - Gryphon I GFS4400 2D
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Digital Locks

Digital Locks | Southco

Southco Lock
Southco’s R4-EM 9 Series Electronic Rotary Latch delivers next generation electronic latching through microprocessor controlled actuation, providing highly intelligent, reliable electronic access. The internal microprocessor allows expanded intelligence with integrated door and lock status sensing for complete security monitoring. Lightweight extended housing offers increased tamper resistance, while an integrated connector and snap-on manual over-ride bracket simplify installation. Additionally, the 9 Series offers an optional open/close detent feature to prevent unintended door release.

Digital Locks | Assa Abloy

Assa Abloy | Locks
ASSA ABLOY Group offer a complete range of access solutions making people feel safe and secure in simple and convenient ways.
Assa Abloy

Digital Padlock | Uhlmann & Zacher and Yale

Digital Padlock
A combination of a digital half cylinder (Uhlmann & Zacher) and a padlock (Yale).
Digital Half Cylinder | Uhlmann & Zacher
Digital Padlock | Padlock

Wireless Technology

Opus GreenNet | Jäger Direkt

Jäger Direkt
Opus greenNet switches and sensors replace the conventional electrical installation and form the basis for a smart home.
Jäger Direkt

Z-wave | Qubino

Qubino solutions turn any home into a smart one. No more hassle. Make your life easier, make it smarter.

Smart Metering


Comgy develops two series of gateways to enable simple, encrypted communication between meters, sensors, and our customer platform.

Parcel & Post Boxes


Renz Postbox Solutions have the versatility, knowledge and support to produce bespoke and “off the shelf” post box and letterbox units that will exceed all expectations.